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BK Shivani - Karmic Account - Personality Development



An Evening With 94 Year Old Dadi Janki At Hammersmith Apollo.London.


Feeling Great- No Matter What




The Cycle Of Time -  Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation - Experience Peace - Om shanti

Travel in a wonderful journey across time, where in the end what you find is your own eternal and original inner beauty of the true self, that is a reflection of a higher Source, the Ocean of Peace.


Love, Peace, Freedom, Harmony

Ajahn Brahm -Intro to meditation retreat & how to meditate

Ajahn Brahm -Intro to meditation retreat & how to meditate

Ajahn Brahmavamso Mahathera (lovingly known to most as Ajahn Brahm) was born Peter Betts in London, United Kingdom in August 7, 1951. He came from a working-class background, and won a scholarship to study Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University in the late 1960s. After graduating from...

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The teachings of the Brahma Kumaris, are embodied in Raja Yoga or Raja Yoga Meditation, and are derived from Ancient Hindu yogic practices.

The main practice is simple Raj yoga meditation, in the morning and evening, and throughout the day, when possible. The main emphasis is on spiritual education, self-empowerment and self-development. The full title of the organisation is the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, and its global Headquarters are based in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India. Its European Headquarters are at 65 Pound Lane, North London, UK.

'I am a soul, my body is a garment'


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