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Meditation Keys

Meditation Keys

Meditation Keys for Beginners

How long should you meditate? The first rule is, Don’t be ruled by what others do. What works well for them may not work for you. Accept that in certain ways you are unique. Here are a few general guidelines:

Intensity of effort is far more important than the time spent in meditation.

Never meditate to the point of mental fatigue, strain, or boredom… If you feel joy in meditation, stop meditating when the joy begins to diminish. One rule for right eating is to leave the table a little hungry. Apply this rule to meditation. In that way, you'll always look forward to your next time for meditation.


One path of meditation
is to firmly fix
your attention
in this moment.

To not let yourself
get caught up in thinking
but rather to directly
experience what is here
beyond thinking
and to remain in that.

Do not try to stop thinking
but rather keep your attention
fixed on what is here beyond thinking,
allowing the thoughts to go
as as they arise.

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