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A date with yourself

A date with yourself

Meditation has become such a common word and recommendation in today’s world, but how many of us truly understand what meditation is? Is it a mystical experience which only monks can have? Is it a practice that can cure all illnesses or take away the vices? Do we need to practice it for years together like some of the yogis do? The answer to most of these questions is a simple “no”.

Train your mind
Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, movement, visualisation, breath or attention itself, in order to increase awareness of the present mo-ment, reduce stress, promote relaxation and enhance emotional and personal growth. It is simply a technique of di-verting all thoughts and attention inwards. The idea is to just focus. The more you focus on one thing, which is of impo-rtance to you, the more at-tuned you get to yourself.

Like Nithya Shanti says, “Meditation is like a date with yourself.” It also eventually trains your mind to remain thoughtless. We are so pre-occupied with our daily chores and the worries associated with them, that we forget the actual capabilities of our minds. It is like a trek in the mountains, when you reach the top you realise the vastness of the universe, which we are oblivious of in our daily routines. It can be done completely by oneself or it could be guided. The purpose is the same, only the means are different. In one case, we are directing our thoughts and mind into one direction ourselves and in the other case we are following someone else’s guidance and suggestions. Both eventually lead to a deep thoughtless state.



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